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Denton Elementary School

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For more information on Buses, contact Jennifer Davis.

Dear Parents/Guardians:
The safety of your child is our is our priority.  Because all students will ride a bus at some point in their school career, whether it be on a daily basis or for a field trip, it is important that you and your child understand the rules and procedures.

Do not distract the driver in any way.  This includes making noises or being loud; talking when the lights are on, the bus is at a railroad crossing or backing up; or moving around on the bus.

Stay in your assigned seat facing the front with your back against the seat and feet on the floor at all times.  Students should never move out of their seats unless directed to by the driver.  Standing up, leaning over, or any other movement is not allowed.  Do not block the aisle.

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.  This is inside and outside of the bus.  

Treat other students and staff with respect.  If there is a problem, let the driver know as soon as possible.  

Food and drink are strictly prohibited.  These are a choking hazard and make a mess.

Students may have small, individual technological devices on the bus with earbuds, as long as they do not create a distraction or cause a problem.  If they are used for inappropriate content, without earbuds, or in any other way that pose a safety risk, your student will not be allowed to bring them for the remainder of the school year.

More serious offenses, such as vandalism, weapons, drugs or drug paraphernalia, fighting, throwing objects out the bus window, etc. will be dealt with as they occur in accordance with DCS BOE policies.
Possible Consequences:
Student conference, Parent conference, Bus suspension for 1 or more days up to a full semester.  These steps are not necessarily sequential.  Consequences are determined by the severity of an infraction and a student’s previous bus conduct that year.  Vandalism will be reported to the Transportation Dept and the student will be charged for the cost of repairs.

Drivers try to handle most situations, especially the minor infractions.  If you feel that there is something you need to discuss, please do not attempt to talk to the driver at the stop.  They have a job to do and cannot maintain the safety of all students while being distracted by anything else.  You may call the school and ask for the bus coordinator at any time.

*Possessing weapons or unsafe items (including matches, lighters, etc.) or making threats will require contacting the sheriff’s office, bus suspension, and possible suspension from school.

Please remember:  
It is against the law to threaten the driver, impede the progress of a bus by standing in the doorway, or for anyone other than the assigned students to board a bus.

Buses may not travel on non-state maintained roads; they generally stop every .02 miles and must go by the route sheet provided by the Transportation Dept.

Transportation requests/changes must be submitted in writing by the parent/guardian and approved by the Transportation Dept.  There is typically a 3 day turnaround time during the year but 10 days at the beginning of the year. This includes all changes.  Parents will have to provide transportation for their child until receiving information from the school about a bus number and stop time(s).

Students in K-3rd must have an adult present and visible when they load and unload the bus.  If there is no one visible when the bus arrives, the student will be taken to the next school on the route and the parent/guardian will be responsible for picking the child up.  If this happens more than once, possible afternoon bus suspensions will apply.

Please remember that riding a bus is a privilege that can be revoked for the safety of all concerned.

*Please keep this posted in your home for your reference.  We look forward to a safe and successful school year for all students at Denton Elementary School.