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Awesome Adventures in Preschool


Be prepared for a lot of fun.  You, your child, and the classroom teachers will work together to prepare your child for the future.  This program will provide a child centered environment full of language, literature and other key experiences to lay the foundation for early school success.

I studied at UNC-G and earned a BS degree in Deaf Education (K-12). My first job was as a teacher assistant at NC School For the Deaf in Browns Summit, NC, in 1986.  In January of 1987, I was hired as a preschool teacher and served children in the High Point/Thomasville area.  I worked briefly at Thomasville City Schools as a preschool teacher before coming to Denton Elementary to teach preschool here.


Igniting the Flame

 My reward as a teacher occurs when a child experiences that moment of connection. When the spark becomes a flame, "they got it!" The surge of joy is indescribable and no two days are alike.


I realized early in my career that young children learn best when they are actively engaged in an enjoyable activity of their choice. Through the years my students have taught me to look at the world through their eyes and on thier time. Children know what they need and are curious. They are happy with the smallest of things. Our room is set up with 12 uniquely designed learning centers: Math, Writing, Manipulative's, Art, Dramatic Play, Blocks, Science, Music, Reading, Computer, Sand and Water. Since children have varied learning styles, they are drawn to a center that interests them. A balance of structured and unstructured play encourages risk taking in a safe environment. Outside play is important to develop large motor skills. All the activities work together to facilitate social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and interacting. Outside experiences often lead to impromptu science lessons. It is important to look at the world through a child's eyes. It is through the continuity between school, home, and community that important, life-long connections are made. Our classroom is an extension of the world and there is so much to learn.


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