Monthly Speech & Language Newsletter

❤February Speech & Language NEWS❤


Speech is Sweet!


We are starting off the month of February by reviewing our speech and language goals. This is a great way for speech/language students to become more aware of what skills they are working on. Students will be writing their goals on hearts that will be put on the speech room door for everyone to see!


❤Speech & Language At Home❤


The following activities can reinforce all areas of speech and language. Have your child answer the questions using correct sound productions, language (appropriate grammar, complete sentences), and strategies for smooth speech.


❤ Around Valentine’s Day hearts are everywhere! This is a great language opportunity to talk about the different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. Encourage your child to use attributes (color, size, shape, texture, etc.) to describe how the hearts are similar and different.


Writing Valentine’s Day cards is a perfect way to work on social skills. As your child is making valentines for their classmates, have him/her come up with a reason that they like the person they are making the Valentine for and say or write something positive about that person.


❤ Suggest that they think of kind things about how their friend acts, thinks, plays, works, or looks.


February Vocabulary


❤ valentine











Happy Valentine’s Day!  Any questions or concerns, please ask!!!