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School Improvement Plan

Our 2023-2024 School Improvement Team Members:
Tricia Davis, Principal
Jordon Peters, Assistant Principal
Marsea Smith, Lead Teacher
Amber Smith, Kindergarten
Callie Jernigan, First Grade
Whitney Cox, Second Grade
Christy Clark, Third Grade
Amy Thompson, Fourth Grade
Brittany Underwood, Fifth Grade
Ashley Bingham, Teacher Assistant
Kathryn Green, Guidance
Holly Fine, Media
Leigh Myers, EC
Jamie Griffin, Title 1
Tenille Morris, Parent Representative
Denton Elementary School's Improvement Plan is formulated around feedback that we receive from our needs assessments, data collected during our quarterly and yearly student assessments, and feedback we receive from both the district and state support team.  A snapshot of our school's performance, dynamics, and teacher qualifications is provided by the state to help parents gain additional insight into the strengths and areas for improvement for their child's school.  You can access by utilizing the links below.